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Lunchtime links

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

What I’m reading at lunchtime today…

‘Oldest English words’ identified
A research project at Reading University that analyses how words have developed, and which are likely to get less use in the future.

‘Most unfortunate names’ revealed
A study has revealed that some people in the UK have particularly unfortunate names.

The slow death of handwriting
Is handwriting dying out?  Are we writing less with pens and paper and ever more with computers?  Probably…

What are the banks doing?

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

You would think that the banks would be taking a careful approach after what happened to them in the last few months.

Think again.

RBS are in the news the week, having first been bailed out by the Treasury they announced larged bonuses for their managers, only to announce 2,300 job cuts a few days later.  The final straw was the former chief executive, who apparently earned just over 4 million pounds in 2007, saying “sorry” for the mess that the banks are in.

So where exactly is the money coming from to sponsor the Six Nations tournament?

Maybe MP John Thurso’s idea isn’t that bad…


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