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Fantastic Vacations In Nottingham

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Think of Nottingham and nearly all tourists remember Sherwood Forest and the legend of Sir Robin Hood and his band of merry men and even though the story attracts many tourists year after year there is much more to the city of Nottingham than your would think. Infact the city of Nottingham has a large number of interesting tourist attractions making it a superb base for a short break and the following article introduces the city and a few of attractions in and around Nottingham, including some places offering Nottingham B&B.

Nottingham is found in the county of Nottinghamshire, in the East Midlands, England. As well as Sherwood Forest and the legend of Sir Robin Hood and his band of merry men, Nottingham is also known for the lace making industry especially during the Industrial Revolution when it gained a worldwide reputation.

The Lace Market, Nottingham

Once the center of the worldwide lace industry, at the peak of the British Empire, the Lace Market in Nottingham is, now, a protected heritage area. The area features a great many fine examples of 19th Century industrial architecture. The Lace Market was not like a normal market area, as such, instead of having salesmen and stall, it was more a number of warehouses and salesrooms displaying and selling lace. After the downturn in the lace industry the market became rundown however, these days, the majority of the old warehouses have been renovated for residential use and other purposes for example photographic studios and similar. The Nottingham Lace Market is a popular visitor attraction.

Shire Hall & Galleries of Justice

Near to the Lace Market can be found the Galleries of Justice situated in Shire Hall. The Hall is a Georgian-built civic building featuring Neoclassical pilasters, columns and dome. The front of the hall has, if you examine it closely, a misspelled word Goal rather than Gaol. The Hall has 2 excellently preserved courtrooms from the Victorian period plus a women’s prison, bath house, old cells, an Edwardian police station and a prisoner’s exercise yard.

Nottingham is a superb place to take a short city break. You will find plenty to see and do within the city and a huge selection of visitor attractions within easy reach. Places well worth a visit include; Hardwick Hall, Newstead Abbey and Wollaton Hall.

As is common in all England bed and breakfast accommodation, Nottingham accommodation is usually first class at a reasonable rate and many people choose to stay in Nottingham for part of their break and then somewhere else for the remainder.


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