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A Trip To Bristol Zoo Is Fun For The Whole Family

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Bristol has much to offer both those who visit and those that live there. There are a number of excellent hotels in Bristol as well as a whole host of places to buy to live in. Bristol also has a number of great amenities from restaurants in Bristol to days out including Bristol Zoo.

Bristol Zoo is the 5th oldest zoo in the world and has always been a primary tourist spot in Bristol. Here are five good reasons why it would be really worthwhile to visit Bristol Zoo when you are staying in Bristol.

1 Exciting Zoo Events. Bristol Zoo has a lot of events by season that can entertain people of all ages. Most of their events are composed of music, theatre, and dance. They also hold year-round activities like the Zoolympics trail, animal shows during the peak season and face painting that a lot of kids truly enjoy. However, the most prominent of all activities would be their summer evening settings with singing and dancing.

2 Visit for a Cause. Visiting the zoo won’t just assure you of a fun-filled day out with the family but you also help protect and conserve the rare animals and their natural habitats so that the coming generations will still be able to witness and enjoy them, as the zoo is a registered charitable organisation.

3 The ZooRopia Course. The ZooRopia experience gives an opportunity for guests of all ages to swing around on ropes with the lemurs, gorillas and gibbons. There is an age restriction of 5 years but this is one of the best ways to get close to the animals homes in Bristol zoo. You can easily traverse around 17 sections with various themes around the challenging route inside the zoo. The activities include a plank bridge, looped vines, balance beams and an exciting zipwire ride to top off the entire course.

4 Animal Interaction. The zoo is filled with more than 450 different amazing species from the big roaring lions down to the smallest beetles. Guests are welcome to feed some of the animals and even interact with them closely. There are even some animal record breakers that you can try to beat when you decide to join the Zoolympics trials. You can compare your skills on a number of different levels against what the animal kingdom has to offer.

5 Annual Membership. If you already have a home in Bristol then you might want to take advantage of the opportunity for guests to register as a member. You will receive exclusive deals that allow you to visit the zoo as frequently as you like. Every member receives numerous benefits that include free entry to the zoo, half price tickets for other relatives, reservations for Zoo events and discounts.

There are many more reasons to visit Bristol Zoo, so if you’re a family looking to find accommodation in Bristol for a holiday, then I would recommend booking one close to the Zoo.

Why The Cherwell District Of Oxfordshire Is A Great Place For A Holiday

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Cherwell is the name given to the northern governing district of Oxfordshire. Cherwell is mostly made up of rural settlements such as Islip and Hook Naughton. It is also blessed with some beautiful scenery. The two major towns in the area are Bicester and Banbury both of which serve the local rural community. They are essentially market towns but they have a wide range of both local and national retailers.

Cherwell has lot of good transport links as the M40, which joins Birmingham with London runs right through the heart of Cherwell. This makes the area around the M40 the centre for business in Oxfordshire so you will find a lot of business parks based in this area. There are also a substantial number of railway routes that go through Oxfordshire and Banbury is along one of the major national railway routes. This is a railway route that connects the South with the North of England as well as other connections to the East and West.

Everybody enjoys shopping and one of the most popular products to buy in Oxford is a pair of shoes. You can find almost anything that you need in these local towns and you are never too far away from Oxford itself for your shopping needs. This means you can get normal shoes and footwear like Nike trainers or work shoes in the local shops but you might have to go out of the area to find special footwear such as Fitflop Sandals. This being said shopping in the Cherwell district is more than adequate for those that live near by and if you want more you could always head off to a major city like Birmingham.

There are a number of things to do for all the family in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties. This makes it an excellent choice for a family holiday, as there are a number of different attractions available. The surrounding area has a wide range of interesting architecture including a number of castles. If you have always dreamed of being a knight in a castle then you can fufill your dream by getting married at a castle with castle weddings that are offered. There is a wide variety of accommodation available in Oxford thanks to the number of tourists visiting the region. There are the usual sorts of hotels but if you want something that is perfect for a family holiday then I would suggest looking for a good holiday cottage. The holiday cottages on offer are perfect for a family as they provide you with a self-catering base that you can use to travel to the different sights you want to see. They are also perfect if you want a family pet to join you on holiday as many booking companies offer dog friendly holiday cottages.

With the wealth of options available to you and your family you are sure to enjoy yourself when staying in the Cherwell district of Oxfordshire. So why not start looking into the different options available to you today.


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